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What will reflect a logo?

What will reflect a logo?

Logos reveals the identity of an organization. They are symbols made up of text and images. A good logo will help your customers to understand what you do and who you are?  A logo can tell a thousand words.

A logo is just a small part of an overall brand or corporate identity, but obviously, it is a very important part. A logo can help to create an image of the firm to the customer’s head.

A good logo must have mainly three qualities. Simplicity, striking and communicating.  The colors, images, shapes, text each will express a meaning of the firm. The elements of a logo are, typography, imagery, color, and context. A static logo looks the same everywhere it exists. Dynamic logo changes depending on its context. There are mainly 5 types of logos. They are, wordmark(text), lettermark(initials), brandmark(symbol or icon), combination mark(text and symbols) and emblem(text inside symbol).

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