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Shortlisted candidates from Walk-in conducted on JAN 2020 (Trivandrum & Kochin)

  1. Neethu S, Software Tester
  2. Lincy S James, Java Developer
  3. Steffy Thankam Wilson, Python Developer
  4. Jishnu Prasad, Python/IONIC Web Developer
  5. Pradeep Sasidharan, Python Developer
  6. Renjima Ramaneesh, Python/Java Developer
  7. Bibin Pon George S J, Python Developer
  8. Jasna Ameen, Python Developer
  9. Asmy Bayar A, Python Developer
  10. S Nagalingam, Python Developer
  11. Sreenandini, Software Tester
  12. Vishnu S, Software Tester
  13. Hisana M, Software Tester
  14. Shafeeque Rahman P, Software Developer
  15. Jishnu A, Software Developer
  16. Anvarudheen T P, Python Developer
  17. Abilash P R, Java Developer
  18. Rijo M D, Java Developer
  19. Bipin Chacko, Python Developer
  20. Anju Alex, Java Developer
  21. Ratheesh P C, Networking and Server

First final list JAN 2020 (Trivandrum & Kochin)

  1. Neethu S, Junior Software Test Engineer
  2. Lincy S James, Junior Software Engineer
  3. Steffy Thankam Wilson, Junior Software Engineer
  4. Jishnu Prasad, Junior Software Engineer
  5. Pradeep Sasidharan, Junior Software Engineer

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